Why GitHub?

In my Article: Why you should learn version control, I described why I think every developer should learn git and use a website similar to GitHub. I also provided some getting started material.

In A Walk through GitHub Article, I described how people should Interact in GitHub.

But why GitHub? What can I get from this community?

Work with experts

Your PRs are going to be reviewed by other experts who read books, took courses and got certified.
They will leave comments for you, I work as a part-time mentor and I know how much students pay just to afford experienced mentors who will leave comments for them.

Get some reputation

In meetups, when people talk about how revolutionary is the Bitcoin, some people will happily announce that they are Bitcoin holders or miners.

How many will announce with confidence that they are contributors? Can you imagine yourself in this situation? 

The most revolutionary and famous open-source software products are in GitHub, You are very welcome to contribute, no one will refuse your help.

Proof of work

Your cover letter probably states that you are passionate about coding, you say such things in interviews and in social media (I see many posts and comments about that).

Well, can you prove it? a green contribution section in GitHub is a clear sign (as clear as the sun).


We are not graphic designers or cookers (At least I'm not), we can't just show some final products we did.

Most of "Great" projects we participate in, we don't build them from scratch only by ourselves (unless you started it some years ago and somehow didn't lose the motivation to finish it).

We want to show our ability to communicate and work in a team, our ability to implement solutions and write unit tests.

Build a network

Image result for friends chandler

Build a network of people who know what you do.

They know more than that you work on your computer most of the day (your family and friends).

They know more than that you are the java guy in the X department (your non-techie manager).

This point isn't important as long as you get paid? then let's move to the next point.

Be more expensive

Image result for mr robot Angela

You will get a higher salary if you are an active open-source contributor.

It's the result of all the above points, you have more experience, you have a larger network.

You have the proof of work, also you have the important skill of communicating and cooperating with others.

Happy coding.


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