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Chatbots and self injury messages

Some of the people who face some frustration or depression usually use their smartphones to try to get rid of negative energy. They start surfing facebook pointless, maybe they open youtube and seek for anything interesting. Some people actually talk to chatbots, we have Siri and okay google as famous and popular examples. The question is: Are those chatbots prepared to deal with them if they are willing to hurt themselves? I tried them with some messages and here is the response. I'm depressed Ok-Google acted so horrible and said (I'm sorry to hear that), No advice or further questions to see if it's a real or deep depression that may be worse if the person didn't act on it. To be honest, I had a hint that I can ask Ok-Google to cheer me up and the conversation can continue and I may find some joy. But, I hope if it was more caring and aware of how dangerous this may be. Siri: I'm sorry to hear that. I'm here if you want to talk. Well, is