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Containerize your development environment.

High chance you guessed it right, we will be using Docker. Docker is a great, famous, and very tool. But remember if you use it wrong you end up breaking the traffic of your CI/CD, so don't forget to practice and to use proper versioning organization. Before you continue, this article is covering only the use of VSCode, If you want to know how you can use other Editors to achieve your goal, you have to do some more digging (if you found something interesting, I'd love if you share it with me 😉 ) Why I would do this? I know you're here because you already had reasons to think it's a good idea to sync the development environment between the team members. Maybe you want to add my situation to your reasons, I work with flutter, recently they released Flutter 2 which has breaking changes if you want to upgrade. If you have a small project that depends on one or two packages or maybe no packages at all like my pet project Dart Stack  you might need to upgrade your project (s