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Install flutter - the easy to follow steps

What is this document for? This document will provide you simple step by step guide to run any flutter project locally and see your changes take effect immediately while you're editing. Installation. Download  and install android studio, We will not use android studio but it will install all needed SDK and environment variables we may need. Install XCode , This step is optional, you will need it only if you intend to run on the iPhone. Install flutter  by following the guidelines of your OS, As a brief, you can follow the Install flutter section below. Install VSCode . Install Flutter. Linux Download  the SDK. Execute the following commands. mkdir ~ /development cd ~ /development tar xf ~ /Downloads/flutter_linux_v1.2.1-stable.tar.xz # execute the next command or append it to your .bashrc to avoid the need of executing it again export PATH= " $PATH :~/development/flutter/bin " flutter doctor # provide us the output of this command when so