How people get scammed?

In the past few months, I was tracking some rogue thieves and their online activities.
I found that most of them depend on greed, naiveness and impatience of people.
In this article, I want to tell you some things that you have to suspect once you notice one of them.
Please note that this is not a complete list, stay aware and watch out because many people out there need your money no matter how they will get it.

Too good to be true

when an offer is too good, ask yourself why not everyone else making use of it? why not everyone is happy? why life sucks?

One-side win

When someone gives you an offer, he is probably advertising his product, getting rid of old unmatched trades so that he can get money for more successful trades or even he is drunk and he got a baby so that he can’t see what is he doing.
All of these can be chances for you, also you can easily detect such cases.
But when someone gives you an offer and you can’t see what he is gaining you have to suspect, invisible goals can’t be trusted.

Free money

This is the most obvious one, there is nothing called free money, no one will pay for giving him a thumb up on his Facebook post, no one will give you an iPhone for sharing his post.
They can achieve far more than you will make for them by spending that money wisely.
So, don’t chase free money, never and ever.

Luck and chances

Did you go to a casino? the house always wins.
Are they cheating? no, the game is designed so that the probability for them to win is larger than the probability for you, no need for cheating.
Did you win gambling once? okay that can be cheating, you may win by luck but also you may win so that you trust your luck and risk more money next time, and of course, lose that money.

I’m very stupid, steal my money

Did you find someone that looks too stupid and have a lot of money that you can make him pay all of it for your nonsense plans? okay, if that guy exists he probably lost all of his wealth before he can tell you about all of his vulnerabilities.

You are exceptionally smart

Smart negotiators always tell their opponents that they are smart but smart scammers always confess them that they are exceptionally smart, that’s why they become less careful.

That was a list of things based on my observation, I want to know if some of you have more ideas or stories to tell about that.


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