Import solidworks cad design into matlab

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In order to go with this tutorial you must have matlab 2008 or higher installed with simulink and simscape.

Install the simscape multibody

    first step you must install simscape multibody.
Go to this link and provide you email then click continue, choose no and confirm next page you have to download the install_addon.m file and the .zip file, both should be the same as your matlab version.
For more see this video about how to do it.

Then open matlab as administrator, go to the place where files downloaded are from the matlab, run install_addon('FileZip') command where FileZip is the name of downloaded zip file.
Then run smlink_linksw command to install addon for solidworks.
Watch this video.

Export and Import the cad file

In solidworks. in tools>add-Ins.. check boxes around simscape multibody link, then while assembly file is opened go to tools>simscape multibudy link>export>simscape multibody, choose the directory to save and wait while.
Open matlab and go to where the exported xml file and step files exist, rum smimport('xmlFile') command where xmlFile is the name of the xml file.
you now have your design imported, and can do all calculations on it with simulink and matlab.
see this video for illustrating last steps.

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