How to write Specifications for Data Acquisition System DAS

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    Data Acquisition System (DAS) is a PCB that can be used to control systems using the general purpose computers (PCs), So it conditions the signals to be understood for both the computer and the system.

Hardware Specifications

Hardware has many possible specifications so we will discuss the most popular and frequently used specs.

Analog channels

We define the DAS with the number of analog channels can be used to read analog signal from the system, Later it will convert it to digital signal so the PC can handle it.

ADC Specifications

ADC has some specifications like the resolution (number of bits after conversion), voltage reference (Important for determining the range of input signals) and conversion time.

S/H specifications

S/H specifications can determine how many input signals can be read in the same time, and what is the frequency of conversion so that the signal is not corrupted.

DAC specifications

The specifications of the DAC so that we can determine the resolution of analog output we can produce to the system.


Data Acquisition System mainly used to convert data from analog to digital so that the computer can handle it, and vice versa so that the system can take input from the computer.
The speed and resolution of the conversion is main task we have to take care about.

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