what is pwm?

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 PWM stands for pulse width modulation .. and we are going to know more about it and understand it's nature and purpose ...

Why PWM?

    Micro controllers and computers works and treats with digital, that means only high and low electric signals.
Sometimes we need to control value between them to handle things like speed of motor or degree of air conditioner.
That is what PWM used for.

What is PWM?

     From it is name, we just treat with the width of pulses to reduce the effect of whole output. it is known with it's duty and frequency.

What is duty?

    it is the proportion of the time signal is high to the time of signal is high plus the time signal is low, don't be confused and just see this image
That gives you percentage from your high value equals to the duty cycle.
This is not analog but it is alternative for using analog.

What is frequency?

    I'm not really going to talk about frequency, it is known for all of you.
But in PWM what does it mean? okay, every high and low pair is one cycle, so number of those cycles per second is the frequency.
But why? is it important? how does it affect the percentage of output?

It doesn't affect the percentage output ... but it is important knowing the response time of your controlled device ... very high frequency don't allow your device sometimes to realize the output, and very low frequency is like giving it high then low for time and PWM or duty cycle can not be meaningful any more

So knowing how to choose frequency is very important.

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