Microchip pic Assembly

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This is small article about how to use microchip pic assembly ..

Write Assembly code in picc editor:

You can do that easy by type
    asm code here

Basic instructions:

*BSF REG,PIN >> set pin PIN in register REG to 1

*BCF REG,PIN >> clear pin PIN in register REG to 0

*MOVLW VALUE >> put value VALUE in register W

*MOVWF REG >> put value of W register into register REG

*BTFSS REG,PIN >> if pin PIN in register REG is 1 skip next instruction

*BTFSC REG,PIN >> if pin PIN in register REG is 0 skip next instruction

*GOTO LABEL >> move to line named LABEL

*ADDWF VALUE,REG >> add VALUE to register REG

Now you can go throw the datasheet and try every thing and deep your knowledge about it.

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