Agile Development - Quick look

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Agile Software Development is a popular easy way to develop new software project consists mainly of 5 elements

  1. Scope
    It is to define what is the vision, what is expected to have as a result and what is out of the scope too.
    All team members should be aware this.
  2. Requirements
    It is to define what user need, what you will give him, what you will get and all of this things.
    In this step do only the necessary things to start, it shouldn't take much time.
    The work should be divided into iterations, simply one or two weeks, include single requirement for every iteration to make this step simple.
  3. Risk
    You should be aware of risks and avoid them
    It is not easy to track risks but with small parts work it is clearer and easier to follow and avoid risks.
  4. Change
    That can be the most hard and loss time process but it is necessary to correct missing and conflict steps or iterations.
  5. Quality
    You can name it the process of debugging and putting the final touch steps

Or simply follow this diagram ... it is easy right?

feel free to give me feed back or ask about things

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